Decade Themes

1920s – Jazz, flappers, prohibition, gangsters and Gatsby!

Jazz, flappers, prohibition and gangsters. This era was called the roaring 20s with good reason, and it makes a fabulous theme. Browse down the page for food and party ideas. See The Great Gatsby at the movies for more ideas. Agatha Christie’s Poirot stories was set in the 20s as well – watch the series [...]

1950s Theme Party

The 50s is a decade remembered by many with nostalgia, especially if they weren’t there. The rise of the Teenager, the ‘New Look’ , Rock n Roll, TV and the Beat Generation (Beatniks) are all part of this decade. Think big cars, juke boxes, drive-in theatres, “Happy Days”, “Grease“, Buddy Holly, early Elvis and Cliff [...]

1960s Theme Parties

The 1960s brings images of cultural revolution, peace symbols, flower power, beach culture, short skirts, flares and lots of hair! Music included Rolling Stones, the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Dusty Springfield and the Beach Boys. Girls looked like Twiggy or Lulu. There are just so many 60s icons to choose from. It was also [...]

1970s Themed Party Ideas

The 70s was a time of dramatic social change. The costumes and music alone are enough to make a party.  Another plus is that it was recent enough to have plenty of artifacts you can use to set the mood. You could find some old clothes in parents cupboards and there’ll be family photos that [...]

1980s Theme Parties

Eighties music is still famously catchy and danceable. In the 80s, you could have listened to it on your new Sony Walkman. The 1980s was the decade Punk and New Wave went mainstream. Fashion had a strong DIY aesthetic, with lots of mix and match, bold clashes, underwear as outerwear. Androgyny was in. Hair was [...]

1990s Themed Party Ideas

The 90s are not that long ago, but that doesn’t mean you can’t throw a 90s party. This party lets you enjoy (ironically or otherwise) all the fabulous fashion and music of the last decade of the century. Browse down the page for food and party game ideas. This decade brought the internet, modems, mobile [...]

30th Birthday Party Ideas

Dirty Thirty can mean a few things. You could be very literal and tell everyone to come as dirty tramps, chimneysweeps, etc, but to most people a dirty thirty party is a wink, wink, nudge, nudge, dirty old men and/or dirty old women party. If you’re not willing to be quite so uninhibited, you could [...]

40th Birthday Party Ideas – Naughty Forty, Sporty Forty…

40 used to be the age when you were over the hill – although a lot of people now think it’s 50 because people are living longer. You can still have an over the hill party, or a Naughty Forty party where you celebrate your vices (daring clothing, loud music, too much chocolate…) or a [...]