Event Themes

American / 4th of July Party Ideas

On the 4th of July, 1776, The United States of America declared independence from Great Britain by adopting the Declaration of Independence. Traditionally the holiday celebrates America becoming an independent nation, but today it’s more commonly just a celebration of being American and of all things American. For expats, it can be a chance to [...]

Australia Day themed parties

Australia Day is on January 26 every year and marks the arrival of the First Fleet in 1788 and what many see as the invasion of this continent. Across Australia there are parades, barbecues, parties and fireworks, citizenship ceremonies, protests and mixed feelings. It is a day to reflect on what it means to be [...]

Bastille Day or French Party

Have a French themed party for Bastille Day which is celebrated on 14 July each year. Bastille Day commemorates the anniversary of the 1790 celebration named Fete de la Federation, which was one year after the storming of the Bastille prison. Bastille Day or French Party Products & Decorations Serve French champagne and decorate in [...]

Book Week Parties

Every August, we have CBCA Children’s Book Week in Australia to encourage children to love books. They celebrate with story telling and dressing up as their favourite characters. But there’s no reason that little kids should have all the fun, or that the books should be restricted to those put forward by the Children’s Book [...]

Christmas In Winter!

Do you dream of a White Christmas? Or at least a cold one? Christmas in June and July parties have become popular in Australia – not just with northern hemisphere expats but also Aussies who grow up with that divide between the winter Christmases in films, songs and books and our mid-summer visits from an [...]

Christmas Parties

Christmas Party Products and Decorations – all year! Christmas offers so many opportunities for parties – office parties, friends and family, Christmas dinners, garden parties and more. Christmas Costumes How many Santas can you have at one party?  Of course there are lots of other characters – you can go as one of Santa’s helpers [...]

Easter Party

Easter time gives you the excuse to take days off work and eat huge amounts of chocolate. Having a party then, is easily justifiable. Riot Art – Easter craft ideas lots of craft items and some Easter cookie cutters Easter Costumes If you’ve ever had the urge to dress up as a bunny or even [...]

Election Party Ideas

Will it be a long night?  Or over by 7 o’clock? Join your friends and/or family to watch the inane banter of the commentators, marvel at Antony Green’s latest graphics and statistics, and see each seat claimed or conceded. You’ll need a space for those who want to watch the television and other spaces for [...]

Eurovision Parties

Watch the official Eurovision website to see this year’s songs.  Eurovision parties offer the chance to wear the most extraordinary and outrageous outfits. Eurovision will be televised on SBS which offers lots of Australian context. We all know that Eurovision is better shared and now that Australia is part of the competition, there are even more [...]

Father’s Day Party Ideas

Paying homage to Dad! Here are a few ideas to make Father’s Day stand out from a normal family gathering.

Halloween Parties

Halloween is a great party theme – lots of scope for dramatic decorations and outrageous costumes, plus trick or treat games. Halloween Costumes & Accessories Costumes.com.au is based in Melbourne and delivers costumes and accessories (including shoes, hats, wigs, party supplies and more) with flat rate delivery Australia-wide. Options for same day to Melbourne metro, [...]

Hens Party and Girls Night Out

Celebration or last Hurrah! So you’re in charge of organising the Hen’s party and you have no idea what you’re going to do. Here are a few different ideas – some classy, some quirky but hopefully all fun. Cool Things Australia – get lots of fun and laughs with cool gadgets, gizmos & gifts for [...]

Mardi Gras Party Ideas

Mardi Gras runs from mid-February to the first week in March in Sydney – but if you can’t be there for some or any of it, you can still join in the spirit for Mardi Gras and have your own Mardi Gras-themed parties. Mardi Gras Party Costumes and Decorations Let’s face it – while you [...]

New Years Eve Parties

Why should we celebrate the New Year? Why not! New Years parties are exciting. It’s a time to celebrate what one year has brought and what the next may bring. You might choose to have a New Years dinner with family or a drink with friends. What ever you choose, your party should be oozing [...]

Oktoberfest! Party Ideas

Just because you don’t live in Germany that doesn’t mean you can’t have your own Oktoberfest celebration. See below for beer, tankards to drink your beer from, food to eat while you’re drinking your beer, and German costumes to wear while you’re drinking your beer. Oktoberfest Food Food served at Oktoberfest is traditionally hearty fare [...]

Spooky & Ghost Party Ideas

The spooky theme is great fun for adults as well as children. This theme is not just for Halloween, it can be used for Friday 13th parties or any time you feel like being spooky. Browse down the page for food and party game ideas. Halloween Clothing and Costumes Some costume ideas include vampires, witches, [...]

St Patrick’s Day & Irish Parties

Although St Patrick’s day was originally to commemorate Saint Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland, it has become a secular celebration of Irish culture. Everyone must wear something green on St Patty’s Day! You can either keep it simple with green ribbon, a hat or badges or check out the costume shops below [...]

State of Origin Parties

Not just one party – but three!  On three cold winter Wednesday nights each year the Maroons and the Blues do their thing while everyone else watches and parties. State of Origin Party Food Watching football is hungry work so make sure there is plenty, and perhaps some reserves of nibbles (eg potato chips, crackers [...]


Historically, Thanksgiving in America was a day to thank god for a successful harvest. Today the holiday is all about food (especially turkey), parades and American football, with maybe a Pilgrim or Native American on the side. Thanksgiving is on the second Monday of October in Canada, and the fourth Thursday in November in America. [...]

Valentine’s Day Parties & Anti-Valentines

There are plenty of options for a Valentine’s Day party. Or if you don’t like Valentine’s – have an anti-Valentine’s party. Just turn things up a notch or two, send up the romantic ideals, overdress and ham it up acting out romantic scenes and scripts.

Zombie Clothing and Costumes

The most important part of a zombie costume is the makeup – generally white face / arms with red blood, scars, sores, and general decay. The costumes themselves can be highly creative (zombie bride and groom / zombie explorer), highly creepy and decaying (see the products below), or simple modifications to regular clothing – whatever [...]