Adult’s Party Ideas – Catering

Whether it’s a big party with friends and family or a small celebration with best friends, lover or partner, make it an event to remember. Here are some hints:

  • Remember that your guests are coming for a party, not to be an audience for your cooking or catering abilities. Trying to cook a masterpiece beyond your skill levels could lead to embarrassment. Try not to care too much. As long as the food is not terrible, your guests will remember the whole party experience with the food as a background.
  • Finger food is best for all parties except small dinner parties. Think about the times you’ve had to juggle a glass, plate, fork and then found something needed cutting. If you want to provide meals, make sure that it is easy to eat with a fork only, and there is somewhere for everyone to sit.
  • Have a variety and let them choose their own. If guests choose their own, you don’t have to worry about who likes what and how much they want.
  • Have some non-perishable food as a stand-by. If you’re finding it hard to judge how much food to provide, be conservative with your helpings of perishable foods, but have plenty of stand-bys that can be opened if needed or else kept for other occasions. These include: potato crisps, corn chips and salsa dips, crackers and unopened dips, nuts, dried fruits etc.
  • Have plenty of non-alcoholic drinks. Water, lemonade, juices etc.
  • Avoid large piles of washing up. For large groups, treat yourself to disposable plates and cups.
  • Have rubbish bins ready. Have somewhere ready so your guests aren’t left standing with empty plates wondering what to do with them.
  • Have a centrepiece ready – the birthday cake, champagne etc.
  • See our foolproof cake recipe for a quick and easy cake.

Catering Supplies

  • Cool Things – Specialise in stocking products that are simply cool. They have lighting, coasters and gadgets that will be the talk of the party.