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James Bond 007 Party

  • Send invitations via top secret memo.
  • Bond gadgets
  • To create an atmosphere of mystery and glamour, coordinate your partyware (table cloths, plates, drinking cups) in basic black.

Clothing and Costumes

A James Bond party offers lots of costume possibilities for men and women.

For men – The quintessential Bond costume is the tuxedo. For a different angle on Bond, turn up in a wetsuit. Or think of the many Bond villains – Dr No, Blofeld, etc – and their henchmen, like Oddjob with his deadly bowler hat or Jaws with his steel teeth.

For women – “Bond girls” have famously appeared in bikinis, but also evening gowns and smart day wear in fashions from the 1960s on. The key is glamour. Women have been villains, too, like Rosa Klebb in her military uniform. And don’t forget Miss Moneypenny.

James Bond Party Food and Decorations

Bond is about glamour, extravagance, adventure and money and that should be reflected in your decorations. Martinis (shaken, not stirred) are Bond’s preferred choice of drink, but anything served in a martini or cocktail glass will look as good. Disposable plastic drinkware avoids breakages and makes clean-up easy. Finger food is easiest if people will be standing – see our party catering page for more suggestions.

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Entertainment & Games

  • Bond Trivial Pursuit – from the simpler questions like naming all the films and actors who played Bond to the finer details.
  • Debate who was the best James Bond and why.
  • Debate who was the best villian and why.
  • Get versions of the Bond theme tunes to play in the background and set the mood.
  • Refresh your memory and get some ideas from James Bond DVDs (from Booktopia)