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Orange Party Ideas

Orange food and drink ideas

  • For orange fruit salad, chop up a selection of orange fruit and mix in a bowl with a bit of fruit juice to prevent browning. Orange fruits include oranges, apricots, nectarines, peaches, and persimmons.
  • Orange jelly: buy a packet of jelly crystals, or for a fruitier version use orange juice and unflavoured gelatin — the packet usually has instructions.
  • Pumpkin soup can be bought in the supermarket or made from scratch.  For pumpkin pasta – mashed pumpkin with a bit of nutmeg and cream on pasta.  Add sun-dried tomatos, basil, or whatever you like.
  • Orange birthday cake – try our butter cake recipe with orange icing — delicious and orange. Carrot cake is also a good option – you can make a super healthy one with oil rather than butter.
  • Orange drinks include orange juice and juice blends.  Make orange ice cubes with orange juice or cordial or by adding a small amount of food colouring to water before putting in ice cube trays and freezing.  Herbal teas, fruit teas and tisanes come in a wide range of colours and can be served hot or as an iced tea.
  • Orange alcoholic drinks include cocktails and spirits that include orange juice like vodka and orange.  Angostura bitters give lemon lime and bitters an orange colour.

Orange Decorations and Costumes

Orange costumes include pumpkins and other Halloween-related outfits, clown fish, and high-visibility vests worn by construction workers.

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