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Purple Parties

Purple means lots of things to different people – from the colour of women’s suffrage to the “one-eyed, one-horned flying purple people eater”!

Purple Costumes

Purple is a favourite colour for 60s psychedelic era costumes and loud zoot suits.  Other purple costumes include royalty (once upon a time they were the only ones who could afford purple dyes), mermaids, fairies, and purple people eaters.

Purple food and drink ideas

  • Purple coleslaw: shred or finely chop some red cabbage and dress with a vinaigrette or mayonnaise.  Add some chopped red onion if you like the taste.  Sprinkle with some dried cranberries for an interesting twist.
  • Purple Carrots – use the new purple carrots – careful they stain fingers.
  • Beetroot makes anything purple – bake it, put in a salad, or crack open a tin.
  • For purple fruit salad, chop up a selection of purple fruit and mix in a bowl with a bit of fruit juice to prevent browning. Purple fruits include blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, plums, red grapes, cherries.  Dragon fruit and passion fruit are purple on the outside.
  • Purple jelly: buy a packet of jelly crystals, or for a fruitier version use fruit juice (try grape juice) and unflavoured gelatin — the packet usually has instructions.
  • Purple meringues made from egg whites, sugar, and food colouring.  Serve with berries!
  • Purple drinks include grape juice and juice blends with blueberries or other purple berries.  Make purple ice cubes by adding a small amount of food colouring to water before putting in ice cube trays and freezing.  Herbal teas, fruit teas and tisanes come in a wide range of colours and can be served hot or as an iced tea.
  • Purple alcoholic drinks include sangria made with red wine and a purple fruit juice, and cocktails made with the liqueurs Parfait Amour and Black Sambuca.

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