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Hawaiian Party

Hawaiian parties provide a relaxed and festive atmosphere. Grass skirts, leis, drinking out of coconuts – great for poolside of garden parties, on the beach or in a park.

Hawaiian &Tropical Decorations & Catering

Colours go a long way to creating a certain atmosphere. As well as Hawaiian or tropical themed decorations, you could get some plain balloons or streamers to compliment the colours.

Hawaiian & Tropical Party Food Ideas

  • Tropical fruits are a must. Slice the fruits and arrange them on large platters, or make fruit kebabs.
  • Some fruit suggestions: bananas, mangos, pineapple, strawberries, lychees, oranges, rock melon (cantaloupe), berries.
  • Cover plates and platters with large banana leaves.
  • Make a big bowl of fruit punch (or two: one alcoholic, one not). Some nice juices to mix together are pineapple, orange, apple and cranberry. Add lemonade, fruit pieces and alcohol to taste.
  • Hire a charcoal spit and have a real spit roast. Ask your local butcher if they can get, or know where to get, the pig.