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1980s Theme Parties

Eighties music is still famously catchy and danceable. In the 80s, you could have listened to it on your new Sony Walkman.

The 1980s was the decade Punk and New Wave went mainstream. Fashion had a strong DIY aesthetic, with lots of mix and match, bold clashes, underwear as outerwear. Androgyny was in. Hair was big – crimped, permed, and wildly coloured. At the same time, the Eighties was a time of power dressing and corporate excess, the decade of Gordon Gekko and “greed is good”.

80s Party Ideas

  • Decor – Bright colours and geometric shapes. Posters of 80s stars and movies. Have a classic 80s movie playing in the background
  • Themes – Big hair, Dynasty, shoulder pads, MTV, oversized tops, martial arts uniforms, acid wash and high-waisted jeans, Star Wars
  • Celebrities – Boy George, Cyndi Lauper, Debbie Harry, Duran Duran, George Michael, Jane Fonda, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Michael J Fox, Molly Ringwald, Mr T, Olivia Newton-John, Annie Lennox, Prince, and the Brat Pack.
  • Activities – Karaoke, Biggest hair and best outfit competitions, 80s trivia. Atari and Arcade style games. The 80s brought Tetris and Pacman – see Retro Games Party ideas

80s Party Products & Decorations

  • Cool Things is all about the latest cool gadgets, gizmos and gifts.” Coolthings are based in Launceston, Tasmania and deliver Australia wide and internationally. Orders can be gift wrapped complete with a message to the lucky recipient. Cool things have retro space invaders ice trays as well as retro phones and toys.

80s party food

Food in the 80s is not all that different from contemporary party food, but the cocktails of the 80s were probably the standout of the decade.

  • 80s Drinks: West Coast Coolers, Daiquiris, Blue Lagoon, Black Russians, Long Island Iced Tea, Sex on the Rocks, Screwdriver, anything with Galliano or Sambuca. Remember to serve with umbrellas!
  • Lollies from the 80s: Redskins, Red and Green frogs, Milk bottles, Teeth.

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