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Christmas In Winter!

Do you dream of a White Christmas? Or at least a cold one?

Christmas in June and July parties have become popular in Australia – not just with northern hemisphere expats but also Aussies who grow up with that divide between the winter Christmases in films, songs and books and our mid-summer visits from an overheated Santa.

Do you have presents at Christmas in July parties? Not to the same extent… Secret Santas and lucky dips perhaps, especially if you want some activities and games to keep the kids busy.

It’s about sharing food and dressing up.  The two things that our hot Christmases discourage is the full Christmas feast and putting on something classy with more than one layer. This is your chance to indulge.

This makes it the ideal time to talk about changing the December Christmas celebration to a more sustainable low-waste celebration.

Christmas Gifts – Secret Santa & Lucky Dips

If you don’t want to do the whole Christmas gift exchange thing, a novelty gift for each guest works well – either chosen for each guest or as a lucky dip.

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Christmas Games & More…

Games are a great Christmas tradition.  They keep people amused and busy, provide ways of mixing and meeting new people.