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Eurovision Parties

Watch the official Eurovision website to see this year’s songs. 

Eurovision parties offer the chance to wear the most extraordinary and outrageous outfits.

Eurovision will be televised on SBS which offers lots of Australian context. We all know that Eurovision is better shared and now that Australia is part of the competition, there are even more of us to share.

Read on for costume and decorations suggestions, and some Eurovision party tips.

Eurovision Costumes

Costumes can involve a complete outfit including shoes, or simply a wig, feather boa, or stage makeup.  A cape could come in handy for an attention-grabbing costume reveal.

Eurovision costumes can be from any year since the first contest in 1956, so you might find inspiration in our party theme pages for the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s.

You could also dress as a country, as a presenter (works well for a male and female couple), or as one of the singers and groups who have appeared – Cliff Richard, Lulu, Sandy Shaw, ABBA, Celine Dion and Julio Iglesias. We can even blame Eurovision for bringing Riverdance to the world? Really – anything goes – as long as it is fun and a bit over the top.

Eurovision Party Decorations

Eurovision is known for its fabulous stage and lighting displays, preferably involving smoke machines and lots of pyrotechnics.  You can dress up your venue with wall decorations and party light machines. Choose disco or music related napkins and partyware – or a colour to fit your theme.

Wall decorations could include European maps and flags or pictures of past Eurovision entrants like Abba or Cliff Richard.

Disco balls, mirror balls and lava lamps will set the mood.

  • Coolthings in Tasmania have lots of glowing things like fibre-optic lamps, colour-morphing objects, and party lights.

Eurovision Party Games and Ideas

If watching the telecast itself is not enough, here are a few Eurovision party suggestions:

  • Some people will want to watch the telecast closely.  Others won’t.  Be prepared for your party separating into two or more groups.
  • Eurovision Trivia Game.  This will separate the enthusiasts from the hangers-on, but you can even it out by giving clues or awarding points for the the best silly answers too. Check the Eurovision site for some history.
  • Have a sweepstakes – sell tickets for $1 each and award the money to the place winners.
  • Drinking games (but remember to drink responsibly) – take a drink for every bad pun from the presenters, strange English lyrics, costume reveals, and so on.
  • Give a prize for the best (or worst) costume.
  • Have a couple of extra wigs or other “communal” Eurovision wardrobe items on hand for anyone who forgot to dress up.  These can result in great photos as party-goers become more relaxed.
  • Food: “European” food that is easy to eat with one hand is best, like French cheeses and German sausages.  If you can find a food to represent the host country, even better.
  • Check out the SBS website and their Eurovision party ideas.