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Father’s Day Party Ideas

Paying homage to Dad! Here are a few ideas to make Father’s Day stand out from a normal family gathering.

Father’s Day Costumes

  • Choose a theme to match one of his interests – golf, sailing, football, music, rocknroll, etc
  • Have everyone dress up as him! Get the specs, the wig, the beard the cardie…  Or find a photo of him in his younger days and dress up with the hairstyles and clothing of the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s or 90s

Father’s Day Games & Entertainment

  • This is your life, Dad. Find old photos, people with stories to tell and write his story
  • Dad’s Trivia Quiz – find lots of odd facts about his life and see who remembers them
  • Make a book where everyone has to write, draw or decorate a page about what he means to them.

Fun Father’s Day Gifts

As well as serious gifts consider some fun gifts to share on the day.  Coolthings Australia have lots of crazy Fathers Day gift ideas which include gadgets, games and gizmos plus some great gifts for Daggy Dads.

Father’s Day Theme Parties

If your father is no longer here or if you are separated by distance, you can still have a party with your siblings or friends with a Father’s Day theme.

  • Dress up as your respective fathers – celebrate those foibles.
  • Share memories of significant events.  A bit of nostalgia with lots of laughs is good for you.
  • Get out the photo albums.
  • Try to remember which was his worst joke.
  • Eat his favourite food (maybe not if it was tripe)