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Spooky & Ghost Party Ideas

The spooky theme is great fun for adults as well as children. This theme is not just for Halloween, it can be used for Friday 13th parties or any time you feel like being spooky. Browse down the page for food and party game ideas.

Halloween Clothing and Costumes

Some costume ideas include vampires, witches, evil bride & groom, zombies, ghosts and characters from movies (Scream, Friday the 13th, Texas Chainsaw Massacre).

The zombie idea is very flexible, you could be a zombie doctor, zombie bride, zombie business man or zombie pop star.

Spooky Party Food

Spooky parties are a great opportunity to eat strange, gruesome and disgusting foods you can’t serve any other time.

  • Tomato soup makes great ‘blood’
  • Stuff lychees with red grapes to make creepy eyeballs
  • Freeze jelly or soft drink in a thoroughly cleaned rubber glove and float in punch.
  • Dismembered fingers: Make short-bread dough into finger-shaped cylinders.  Pinch dough slightly to form knuckles and draw in lines (to make curling fingers, drape over rolled-up aluminium foil). Bake and cool. Use icing to paste on almond halves for fingernails. Blood red icing for the ends of fingers is optional
  • Worms in dirt: put some worm lollies in Milo.
  • Put sultanas into drinks to make bugs

For some more spooky party ideas see our vampire party page.