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Zombie Clothing and Costumes

The most important part of a zombie costume is the makeup – generally white face / arms with red blood, scars, sores, and general decay. The costumes themselves can be highly creative (zombie bride and groom / zombie explorer), highly creepy and decaying (see the products below), or simple modifications to regular clothing – whatever you choose, fake blood and torn fabric play a large part in the overall look.

Zombie Party Food

  • Brains or intestines in cake or jelly form.
  • Barbeque – Steaks need to be rare for full effect but serving any large piece of meat in whatever way you prefer generally works well.
  • Red drinks and food including tomato soup or juice, fleshy fruits like oranges, plus red lollies and red cordial. Adult zombies can drink red cocktails or red wine.

Zombie Parties

  • Zombie movies – You can get inspiration from movies like Shaun of the Dead, Dawn of the Dead, and Night of the Living Dead or Michael Jackson’s Thriller video. Play them during your party or use them as a basis for a zombie trivia game.
  • Zombie walk – Zombies must race or follow an obstacle course in character.
  • Zombie talk – Greet everyone by making zombie sounds. Bonus points for trying to hold a conversation in zombie-speak.

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Australian Zombie Walks

There are a number of zombie walks around Australia – For details, see: Brain Foundation – Zombie walks