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Alternatives to Balloons

We’ve grown up with the idea that balloons mean party time. But maybe now is the time to update our ideas about parties as we hear the horror stories of the damage and death they can to our oceans and the creatures that live in them.

Let’s face it, balloons are a cliche and are causing harm in the environment and our oceans. It’s time to move on to more imaginative and environmentally sound alternatives.

It’s a bit like giving up sugar in tea or coffee. Seems odd at first but you soon adapt and even wonder why you ever did it in the first place. You can also go down the artificial sweetener route (streamers, paper pompoms or flowers to replace balloons) or go for radical change that make balloons seem old-hat and obsolete.

Here are some alternatives that are better for the environment, and some are even better for your wallet.

Using reusable decorations saves waste but it also gives you the chance to start new traditions as you pull out the decorations and all the memories attached to them. Think flags, bunting, inflatables, kites and windmills.

Get crafty and make some paper chains, flowers, pompoms, origami animals etc and hang from the ceiling.

Instead of decorations, invest in some new homewares (prints and posters, cushions, indoor plants, etc) that are new for the party but you can enjoy their use long afterwards.

Get your guests having fun blowing bubbles, twirling streamers and racing wind-up toys.

Also remember less is more.  While hundreds of balloons might make an impact as a background, a few well selected items create interest and talking points for your guests.

Check out these ideas…

  • Cool Things are based in Tasmania and deliver Australia-wide. Check out their
    • Glowing Gadgets for lots of reusable mood lights, glow in the dark planets and stars, novelty LED lights, disco lights, tea lights, and novelty lamps
    • Wind-up toys.  If you place a group of wind up toys on a table, I defy any adults not to start playing with them.  They’ll remember the laughter for much longer than they’d remember what colour balloons you had.

And don’t stop at balloons, there are some good alternatives to glitter and confetti too.

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