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Back to School Party

This theme is great for school reunions and for those that want to relive their teenage years.


Have fun with this theme and dress up. Think preps, jocks, nerds, cheerleaders, teachers, and goths.

  • Costume Box – Check out these school costumes. Costume Box are based in Sydney with flat rate Express Post Delivery throughout Australia and some international.
  • Cool Things is all about the latest gadgets and gizmos but they have some geeky t-shirts to celebrate the science and maths from your schooldays.

Decorations & Novelties

What is school without stationery? Use these novelties for use at the party, prizes or decorations.

Party Food

  • Serve typical school lunch food – Sandwiches, lamingtons, muesli bars, apples, bananas, little cartons of milk, ‘poppas,’ and sausage rolls.
  • Lay it out like a tuckshop – or have lunchboxes

Party Ideas

  • Ask guests to send in their high school photos and make a graduation year collage.
  • Have you or your guests got any old high school movies? Host a screening or play them in the background.
  • Hand out ‘yearbooks’ for guests to sign and keep.
  • Play lunch hour school games – Hopscotch, handball, skipping, and dodgeball.
  • School age party games include spin-the bottle, truth or dare, catch and kiss, and hide and seek.