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Bad Taste Party

This party is an ode to the tacky and the cheesy. Whether dancing the Hustle, wearing huge jewellery and animal print or consuming jelly shots, the fun of this party comes from the ‘wrong-ness’ of it. Below are some tips and suggestions for holding a Bad Taste party, all in the very worst of taste.

Bad Taste Music and Entertainment

One hit wonders, retro collections and CDs by people who should never have been allowed near a microphone.

Bad Taste Clothing and Costumes

Dress up as a tacky celebrity, wear a retro outfit or just make sure that everything you wear clashes. Complement your outfit with (in)appropriate jewellery and makeup.

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Bad Taste Party Ideas

Bad Taste Parties require little preparation, as there are little or no aesthetic considerations. Think cheap, old and messy and you have a bad taste party ready-made.

  • Decor – Clashing colours, Mess, Old furniture and decorations from op shops.
  • Themes – Bogans/White Trash/Chavs, Doomed couples, Drunks, Famous criminals, Historical disasters, Injuries, Las Vegas, Outdated and Knock-off  clothing, Rappers, Reality TV contestants and Recent scandals.
  • Celebrities – Anna Nicole Smith,  Britney Spears and Kevin Federline, Eminem, Hugh Hefner, Kath and Kim, Keith Richards, Kylie Minogue in the 80s, Liza Minnelli and Husbands, Michael Jackson, Monica Lewinsky, Osama bin Laden,  Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton, Paul Burrell and Victoria Beckham
  • Activities – Worst dressed competition, worst dancer competition, fondue

Bad Taste Party Food

These ideas are more tacky than disgusting, in case you actually want to eat the food, but there is also some pretend disgusting food just for entertainment value.

  • Drinks: Vodka Jelly shots, Passion Pop, West Coast Coolers and dated cocktails. Serve drinks in inappropriate glassware (eg plastic tumblers)
  • Decorate a cake badly with garish coloured writing.
  • Serve nuts in a NEW kitty litter container. Put some ‘fun sized’ chocolate bars in there and serve with a scoop (also new).
  • Serve normal party food in the tackiest way possible. Serve chips in their packets, have a few chips already sticking out of the dip and have empty bottles already lying around.
  • See our Spooky and 70s themed pages for more bad taste food ideas.