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Jungle & Safari Party Theme Ideas

General Party Themes

A jungle and safari theme is the perfect excuse to go wild and party like an animal! Make some jungle juice punch, play some tribal music with lots of drumming and get your guests into some tribal dancing!

Set the scene for your party with jungle animal and bird costumes and decorations, check out the shops below for more ideas. If you want to dress as a person, try Tarzan and Jane, Jungle Jim or an intrepid explorer.

Jungle & Safari Costumes

Costumes should include animal print, bone jewellery and hair pieces, tattered clothes, safari suits, teased hair, feathers, tribal make-up, tattoos and hennas and animal suits.

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Jungle & Safari Decorations & Catering

Use lots of greens, browns and creams to create a jungle atmosphere. Hang streamers from the ceiling, in doorways and around furniture to create vines. Have green balloons on the floor for grass. Use cardboard cut-out animals around the place. Put coloured cellophane over the lights or use paper lanterns to create some mood lighting.