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Music Theme Party Ideas

Music is a theme that suits all genders and all ages. The different styles of music makes it diverse enough to appeal to nearly everyone, and it can be incorporated into other themes. Browse down the page for food and party game ideas.

Music-Themed Clothing and Costumes

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Music-Themed Party Ideas

  • Make the theme a musical era or style like jazz or rap. See our decade themes for costumes and ideas from specific eras.
  • Get the guests to dress up as their favourite musician/group
  • Air guitar or Guitar Hero competition.
  • Music-themed piñata
  • Set up a room as a dance space with music, decorations and mood lighting.
  • Play a music trivia game.
  • Karaoke or Singstar.

Music-Themed party food

Creating party food with a musical theme helps bring together the party.

  • Musical cake – white icing on a square cake. Thin strips of liquorice to create the staff and smarties and liquorice strips to create notes. This can be done on a smaller scale with cupcakes.
  • Piano cake fingers – arrange slices of vanilla and chocolate cake (or lamington fingers) to look like piano keys
  • Record/CD shaped pizza – make the inner circle plain cheese, or cheese and pineapple. The outer circle should be darker, use ingredients like pepperoni, capsicum, olives, tomato, meatballs or a mixture of these.  If making a CD there should be a very small dark circle in the middle as well, a piece of pepperoni works well.
  • Put a bowl of dip in the middle of a plate and arrange carrot and celery sticks around it to look like a CD or record.

Entertainment & Games

  • Play Name That Tune
  • Dress up as your favourite singer or band
  • Karaoke

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