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Retro Games Theme Parties

Remember Pac-man? Tetris? Space Invaders?

Indulge in a little nostalgia with a retro-themed party. Choose one game or any for the theme.

Retro Games Party Ideas

  • Cool Things based in Launceston, Tasmania and deliver Australia wide and internationally is the place to go if you love gadgets. They have windup pac man and space invaders for prizes, general amusement, competitions and annoying each other. Jazz up your party and retro fit your drinks with gadgets, mugs and ice-cube trays for pacman gadgets, mugs and ice-cube trays or tetris gadgets or space invaders
  • Decor – Tetris get some boxes, cover with coloured paper and use black tape to tape them together to make tetris shapes. You can use big boxes – big enough to sit on – smaller boxes to leave scattered on tables and watch people trying to resist fitting them together.
  • Decor – Pacman use black table runners or carpets and mark dotted lines for your pacmen. Choose black and coloured takeaway plates, cut the black plates into 6 and overlay a piece on each coloured plate to make the mouth.
  • Equipment show and tell – get everyone to search in their garage for their old Ataris, Amigas etc and see if any of it still works. Even if it doesn’t just the sight could bring a tear to the eye of an old gamer.

Retro Games Clothing and Costumes

Make or buy costumes for your favourite game. Imagine a room full of pacmans!.

  • Costume Box – Thousands of Fancy Dress costumes for adults and kids for all occasions. Most costumes dispatched within 24 hours. All¬†costumes displayed are in stock.