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Roman Empire Parties

A Roman Empire party can be as lavish (Roman banquet) or as easy (toga party) as you like and can feature the leaders of the Roman military (Marc Antony, Julius Caesar), gladiators and soldiers, and Roman gods and goddesses.

Pairings – Cleopatra and Marc Antony, Cleopatra and Julius Caesar

Roman Empire Party Ideas

  • Toga party – One of the easiest party types, toga parties were made infamous by the John Belushi movie, Animal House. To create a toga, use a piece of white fabric or buy a ready-made one. See our page on Toga parties.
  • Gladiator party – Think of movies like Gladiator and the TV series Rome. Soldiers and gladiators can party alongside their military leaders like Julius Caesar and Marc Antony.
  • Roman banquet – This involves eating several courses of rich and exotic foods – think spicy dishes, roasts, and anything unusual. And lots of grapes!
  • Roman decor – Decorate with vines, white partyware, columns and pillars, and statues.
  • Chariot races – Chariots can be made out of cardboard and decorated with lots of red and gold.

See also Egyptian parties and Toga parties.