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Second Childhood Party Ideas

This themed party is a chance to indulge in nostalgia by playing party games and eating the ‘food’ we loved as children. This party also provides a valid excuse to act like a child (at least for a few hours) and to celebrate growing older, but not wiser. This party theme is recommended for adults who have a healthy sense of the ridiculous and like to laugh at themselves. Scroll down the page for entertainment, costume, food and decorating ideas.


The entertainment is an essential part of a children’s party. For adults, reviving games at parties is an easy way to make the experience authentic and fun. Playing music from your childhood also helps to set the scene. The trend for online toyshops to stock traditional wooden toys means that you’ll find old favourites like jacob’s ladders, jack in the boxes and clockwork toys.  Too much fun to waste them on the children.

  • Coolthings – has lots of gadgets and novelties to bring out the child in you and your guests. Play with air bazookas, inflatable boxing gloves and miniature rocket launchers. Remember the gooey slime boys like so much. They also have lots of fun gadgets and novelties for prizes.  Tasmania based with delivery throughout Australia

Clothing and Costumes

Dress-ups was always one of the best parts of kid’s parties. Dressing up as a favourite character from your childhood, or as what you wanted to be when you grew up (eg firefighter or nurse) adds a fun dimension to the party.

  • Costume Box – 1000s of Fancy Dress costumes. Their adult costumes include movie and TV characters, fantasy and occupational costumes. All costumes displayed are in stock to ensure fast delivery. Sydney-based with flat rate delivery throughout Australia. Postage by airmail to New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Party Products

Decorations for this party are easy to find because there is so much partyware designed for children. To narrow down your choices, consider having a theme for decorations, tableware and food. This could be something that you liked as a child (like fairies or cowboys) or a colour theme.

Organising a child-themed adult party is much the same as as running a regular children’s party.  The food and games can all be the same, but on a slightly bigger scale. Remember to have a camera handy to capture special (and hilarious) moments.

  • Invitations: Set the mood by using proper children’s party invitations. If you are having an additional theme or want guests to dress up, specify this in the invitation.  If this is the case, send the invitations out early so guests have time to buy their costumes. Remember to provide your details so guests can RSVP.
  • Decor: Have a colour or theme for your decor and tableware. This could be your favourite colour, a much-loved children’s movie or a cartoon character. Use bright colours, balloons and streamers.
  • Themes: bright primary colours, schoolboys and schoolgirls, what you wanted to be as a child and favourite childhood TV/book/movie characters. Set the scene by playing some of the popular music from your childhood.
  • Activities: Play a few traditional children’s games like treasure hunt, musical chairs, piñata and pass-the-parcel. Just remember to choose games that your guests will be comfortable with so that it’s fun for everyone. This is also a great time to bring out the camera.

Party Food

Children’s parties usually involve copious amounts of junk food being eaten as quickly as possible.  At this party, the sandwiches might actually get eaten so provide some healthy food as well. Adults are also more likely to notice presentation, so put a bit more effort into this than you would at a children’s party.

  • Fairy bread
  • Cup cakes
  • Sausage rolls and party pies – don’t forget the tomato sauce!
  • Ice cream cake
  • Lollies – try getting some of the lollies you ate when you were a kid.
  • Brightly coloured soft drinks and punch
  • Sandwich platters
  • Fruit platters
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