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Sports Theme Party

Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi!

For those who love playing sport, get a large group together and get active with a games party in the park.

And for everyone who loves watching sport, have a sports themed party to cheer on your favourite team in the State of Origin, the cricket or the football. We’re not taking sides.

Sports Costumes

Dress in the colours of your favourite team or in the uniform of your favourite sport. You can go serious and conventional sportwear or have some fun with outragious costumes.

Sports Party Decorations

C’mon! Decorate in the colours of your favourite team or in Aussie colours, green and gold. See our Green or Yellow themed party pages.

  • Caricature King – plan ahead and get unique decorations and gifts made from a photo of the host or guest(s) of honour – try one with a sporty pose or wearing their team colours. Digital caricatures from under $50, poster print or print and framing options.

Party Ideas

  • Howzat! Host a sports party in the park or backyard and play some games! Cricket, football, soccer and basketball are easy to set up and most people know the rules.
  • You could also include athletics such as running races, relays, tug-of-war, and long jump.
  • Have some novelty prizes for the winners.


  • Have plenty of water, sports drinks, or beer on hand as playing and watching sport is thirsty work!
  • If the party is outside, why not have a barbecue?
  • Cook a round cake and decorate with coloured icing into a ball. Examples include a black and white soccer ball, a bright green tennis ball, or an orange basketball. See our cake page for a scrumptious butter cake recipe.

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