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Technology & Gadget Party

Technology & Gadget Party

There are lots of different ways to do this party theme. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Gadget Party – everyone can bring along their favourite gadgets, have a swap table, prizes for best gadget, worst gadget, most useful, most useless, guess what it does gadget…
  • Inventors party – everyone has to make their own useful, useless or just plain whacky invention that solves an everyday problem.
  • Back to the future party – The future doesn’t always go according to plan – we’re still waiting on those flying cars and that paperless office! Dress up as a vision of the future you want, or the future that never came to be.
  • Inventions and inventors party – We take it all for granted, but someone had to come up with all these computers, microwaves, and DVD players, not to mention penicillin, vaccines, soap… Dress up as your favourite invention or inventor.
  • Science fiction party – choose your favourite series, movie or book.
  • Computer games party – Everyone has a favourite – show your age (or street cred) by dressing up as Pacman (see retro-game parties), play some Mario Party
  • Geeks/Nerds party – Sure, it’s a stereotype, but we all secretly aspire to be that smart. Get out your pocket protectors, scientific calculators, and graph paper and get together to swap some obscure in-jokes.

Essentials – have you got the right cables?

  • Cable Chick has everything to do with cables, adapters, and connecters at discount prices. Their wide range of products includes accessories for computers, TVs, DVDs, audio systems, home theatre, game consoles, and networking. If you need to connect your hardware, computers, or electronics, they’ve got the cables to help you. All orders are shipped within one business day to anywhere in Australia via Australia Post Express Post. Flat rate shipping.

Technology & Gadget Party Products & Decorations

  • Cool Things Australia is all about the latest cool gadgets and gizmos that make you and your friends say “That’s Cool.” They cater for all ages and have the best range of alarm clocks that are sure to wake you up in the mornings.Coolthings are based in ¬†Launceston, Tasmania and deliver Australia wide and internationally. Use them for decorations, prizes, or just to show off to your friends.

Food For Your Party

  • Kitchen gadgets that slice, chop, core, curl, grate, shave and decorate are in a class of their own.¬† Prepare finger foods with gadgets and place the gadget beside the serving plate. Invite guests to bring along their own gadget foods. It’s a bit like a T**ware party without the sales pitch.
  • Have a competition to make gadgets out of food.
  • Use cocktail and chocolate fountains.

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