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Wig & Bad Hair Day Parties

General Party Themes

This is a great theme for people who don't usually like to dress up as it's an easier alternative. Host a silly theme and have fun laughing with guests over afros and mullets. Or throw a glamorous get-together with sleek 20s bobs, Hollywood style curls and slick Elvis wigs. Either way it's all about the hair!


Spend time watching movies with bad hair or dancing to music which requires some head banging and hair swaying.

Clothing and Costumes

Browse the following shops for wigs of all shapes, styles, sizes and colours! Go for something completely different to your own hair for shock value.

  • Costumes.com.au is based in Melbourne and delivers costumes and accessories (including shoes, hats, wigs, party supplies and more) with flat rate delivery Australia-wide. Options for same day to Melbourne metro, order online and pick up from their warehouse in Kilsyth, Victoria. Lots of wigs and wig caps here
  • Costume Box – Stock hundreds of quality costumes. Based in Sydney with Australia-wide delivery.¬†Costume Box also stock a large collection of wigs for men and women. Choose from afros, long hair, short hair, dreads, blonde waves, Elvis, coloured hair and more. See extensive range of wigs.

Party Ideas

  • Play Celebrity Hair. Cut out pictures of famous heads from magazines. Cover the face and get your guests to guess who the celebrity is.
  • Host a dance-off and give prizes for the best head banging and hair swaying guest.