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August Party Ideas

August is the last month of winter for us in the southern hemisphere. Time to come out of hibernation and start partying.

When you use National Days and weeks for your party theme, you could some fundraising for them as well.

August Events

Famous August Birthdays

Have a party to celebrate the birthdays of these famous people or characters. Like current birthdays, you can have them on the nearest weekend.

  • 2 August – Peter O’Toole, actor, famous for roles including Lawrence of Arabia and Don Quixote (Man of la Mancha).
  • 4 August – Barack Obama Come in costume as your favourite President of the United States, or First Lady for that matter.
  • 5 August – Neil Armstrong, astronaut and first man on the moon – Mark the occasion with an outer space party.
  • 6 August – Andy Warhol – Iconic pop artist who said “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for fifteen minutes.”
  • 7 August – David Duchovny Star of the X-Files in the 1990s.
  • 13 August – Alfred Hitchcock – The master of suspense. Dress as a character from any of his movies – or as himself because he always made a cameo appearance in his movies.
  • 16 August – Madonna – Singer, actor, Material Girl – Creator of many party tunes.
  • 23 August – Gene Kelly – Singing and dancing star of Singing in the Rain. Make movie magic with some Hollywood glamour.
  • 25 August – Sean Connery – perhaps the suavest of James Bonds.
  • 30 August – Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, writer of Frankenstein. Dress up as Frankenstein, make Frankenstein dolls – see Spooky parties for ideas

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