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November Party Theme Ideas

November starts with the Melbourne Cup and includes early Christmas parties.

When you use National Days and weeks for your party theme, you could some fundraising for them as well.

  • November is Movember, raising awareness and funds for men’s health, particularly prostate cancer and depression. Check these Party Costume stores for fake moustaches if you’re not growing your own.
  • Supanova Pop Culture Expo comes to the Adelaide and Brisbane in November – time for Steampunk, Cosplay and all things sci-fi and fantasy
  • On 1 November 1945, Australia joined the United Nations as a founding member. Unite your friends for an international party. Or have a fundraiser for your favourite international cause.
  • On 2 November 1922, QANTAS flew for the first time between Charleville and Cloncurry in Queensland. (QANTAS is an acronym for Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services – its national and international services were yet to come.) Celebrate Queensland and how far we’ve come (and gone!).
  • 11 November is Armistice Day or Remembrance Day. Have a gathering to pay your respects.
  • The Whitlam Government was dismissed on November 11, 1975. Have a party and share memories about the changes brought about by that government and where you were when you heard. If you are too young, do some research to find how many things you take for granted were initiated by Gough.
  • The Fourth Thursday in November is Thanksgiving (USA) Thanksgiving Party ideas
  • On 29 November 1948, the first Holden FX car was made in Australia. The Prime Minister Ben Chifley was there to see it.

Lots of sporting events and memories to celebrate in November, so get together for a sports party:

  • On 6 November 1999 Australia won the Rugby World Cup, defeating France.
  • On 19 November 1937, Hubert Opperman rode from Fremantle to Sydney via bicycle, setting several new records. It took him 13 days, 10 hours and 11 minutes to cover the 4626 kilometre distance.
  • On 22 November 1956, to Melbourne Olympics opened.
  • And of course, the first Tuesday in November is the Melbourne Cup.

Famous November Birthdays

Have a party to celebrate the birthdays of these famous people or characters. Like current birthdays, you can have them on the nearest weekend.

  • 2 November – k.d. lang
  • 2 November – Marie Antoinette
  • 2 November – Daniel Boone
  • 4 November – Loretta Swit (Hotlips in MASH)
  • 7 November – Madame Curie
  • 8 November – Margaret Mitchell (author of Gone with the Wind)
  • 8 November – Gordon Ramsay (chef)
  • 11 November – Kurt Vonnegut Jnr.
  • 14 November – Prince Charles
  • 14 November – Claude Monet
  • 18 November – William Gilbert (Gilbert & Sullivan)
  • 20 November – Edwin Hubble (astronomer the telescope was named after) Outer Space party
  • 23 November – Harpo Marx
  • 24 November – Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
  • 24 November – Scott Joplin
  • 26 November – Tina Turner
  • 27 November – Jimi Hendrix
  • 29 November – C.S. Lewis (Chronicles of Narnia)

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