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Aussie Icons Parties

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These are an alternative to the usual Australia Day flag-waving parties, but also good for any time of the year.

Here are some Aussie Icon ideas but once you start thinking about them, there are lots more. Don’t forget to practice the voices and cliched lines.

  • Australian TV / Comedy Characters
    • Dame Edna is the obvious one, or extend it to all of the Barry Mackenzie cast with Bazza himself, Les Patterson, Madge.
    • Norman Gunston (the Little Aussie Bleeder) you need a comb over and some toilet paper
    • Kath & Kim
  • Australian Politicians.  The wigs for Julia, the budgie smugglers for Tony Abbott… Think of your favourite, and least favourite, politicians – at any level of government, current or old-timers.
  • Australian Music, Musicians and Bands
    • 70’s Bands. Don’t forget at least one Molly Meldrum
    • Bee Gees – all those costumes and hairstyles and songs
  • Australian Films – not necessarily your favourite or the best films, think of the films that offer the best characters, props, music or games.
    • Priscilla Queen of the Desert – everything from the drag queens to the outback Aussie’s in their singlets.
    • Mad Max!
    • Crocodile Dundee
    • Strictly Ballroom
  • Aussie Cliches - you’ve got a lot of freedom to expose your prejudices here
    • The Aussie Bloke and Sheila
    • Lifesavers, Surfers and Beach Girls.
    • Footballers and other sports “personalities”

Aussie Icon Party Costumes, Gifts & Prizes

Wigs, glasses, accessories and maybe a bit of make-up are often all you need – unless you want to go all out and have a Priscilla Party.

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