On this site you’ll find ideas for parties, as well as links to reputable online shops to buy costumes, catering supplies and decorations.

Party Themes by Month

January | February | March | April | May | June | July | August | September | October | November | December

Keep the parties topical for the month you hold them – celebrate birthdays of the famous and infamous, national days, anniversary dates, etc

Decade Themes

Decades: | 1920s | 1950s | 1960s | 1970s | 1980s | 1990s |
Milestones: | 30th Birthday | 40th Birthday |

Alphabet and Number Themes

Start with the letter or number and see where it takes you.

Alphabet Themes



Occasion Themes

Personal occasions like birthdays, housewarming, etc plus the national Australia Day, St Patrick’s, Halloween, etc

Colour Themes

Colours and colour combinations

Party Costumes

You can check out these party costume shops for ideas, or see our theme pages which have direct links to the relevant section of the shop sites.

Party Lights and Decorations

Whether you dress up or not, decorations can set the mood for your party.

No more balloons! Let’s face it, balloons are a cliche and are causing harm in the environment and our oceans. It’s time to move on to more imaginative and environmentally sound alternatives.

Party Games

Whether it’s a big party with friends and family or a small celebration with best friends, lovers or partners, party games help get people mixing and talking to each other.

  • Classbento – Make your party unforgettable with an online streamed activity to share . Hundreds of virtual experiences to choose from – everything from online cocktail making classes to painting to building terrariums. Do it as a group together – or have a virtual party with everyone joining from their own home.
    1. Simply join your online class via live stream
    2. open up the DIY craft kit we delivered to your door
    3. make something amazing!

    Classbento Virtual Classes