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May Party Theme Ideas

The first of May is May Day.  In the northern hemisphere, May Day is the celebration of Spring with traditions of dancing the Maypole and crowning of the Queen of the May.  But here in Australia, May is the the month where is really starts feeling cold for winter.

In many countries, May Day is a day for workers rights – in Australia we have Labor Day and an accompanying public holiday on the first Monday in May (in some states).

In Hawaii, May Day is also known as Lei Day – so you could have an Hawaiian Party

May Party Ideas

  • First Saturday in May – World Naked Gardening Day ( wikipedia link)
  • 11th May – Hairy-nose Wombat Day
  • 17th May – ABC’s Birthday.  On 17th May 1932 the Australian Broadcasting Corporation was formed.  Celebrate with an ABC party.  Trivia quizzes and dress-ups of some of your favourite old and new programs and ABC presenters.
  • 20th May – World Bee Day. Have a quiz about bees – and in Australia native bees. Plant a bee or pollinator garden.
  • 22nd May – International Day for Biological Diversity. Go on a Treasure Hunt exploring in your garden or a larger space to see how many different plants, birds, insects, and other wildlife you can find.
  • 23rd May – World Turtle Day
  • Eurovision Party have a Eurovision party and share the excitement
  • The Trundle ABBA Festival is held in May each year. Trundle is in central western NSW.  If you can’t make it, share the joy with your own ABBA party.
  • State of Origin Party

and there is…

  • Mother’s Day – have a party for your Mum, or have a party about “mothers”, or a “Mums night out” party.
  • Secretary’s Day (or the more PC version, Office Professionals Day) is on the first Friday in May in Australia (but the Wednesday of the last full week in April in the USA and UK). Aimed at giving recognition to office staff is also a good excuse for a Secretary’s party. You could make this an office stationery party.

Famous May Birthdays

Have a party to celebrate the birthdays of these famous people or characters. Like current birthday, you can have them on the nearest weekend.

  • 11 May – Salvador Dali
  • 13 May – Arthur Sullivan – of Gilbert and Sullivan
  • 14 May – George Lucas – Star Wars Party
  • 16 May – Liberace
  • 20 May – Cher
  • 22 May – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – Sherlock Holmes – have a Mystery or Whodunit Party
  • 28 May – Kylie Minogue – plenty of dress-ups and karaoke, or go further back and have a Scott and Charlene wedding. Did you know that you can still do Neighbours tours in Melbourne?

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