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February Party Ideas

February means Valentine’s Day and romance. It’s also Mardi Gras!

When you use National Days and weeks for your party theme, you could some fundraising for them as well.

  • FebFast – have an alcohol-free party and help raise money to help young people and families who are tackling serious alcohol and drug issues. Alcohol-free doesn’t have to be dull – in fact you might find that it’s more fun. Rise to the catering challenge with inventive punches, drinks and recipes, talk with a clear mind and make it a party worth remembering.
  • Mardi Gras Party – if you can’t make Mardi Gras in Sydney, hold your own party.
  • Summer – February is the last month of summer so enjoy the heat while it lasts. Have a Hawaiian Party, barbecue, or beach party. Or celebrate beach culture with the anniversary of the Bondi Beach Surf Lifesaving club, which was established on 6 February 1906.
  • Waitangi Day is on February 6. Celebrate all things New Zealand.
  • 7 February is Charles Dickens’ birthday. Choose your favourite story or characters.
  • 11 February is International Day of Women and Girls in Science – hold a party to celebrate the work of women in science. Have everyone bring along a story about a woman scientist, create a trivia game or a science quiz.
  • Looking forward to winter? Escape the heat by imagining somewhere colder – 13 February is the anniversary of Mawson Station in the Australian Antarctic Territory, where the average February maximum temperature is 1.3 degrees below zero.
  • Valentine’s Day Parties (14th) – Whether you are in a couple or happily single, there are plenty of options for a Valentine’s Day party.
  • Chinese New Year is in January/February each year.
  • Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday)  It is also a fundraiser.
  • The Academy Awards (The Oscars) are held in February.  You can use this years films or past favourites. You’ll find some ideas on our Hollywood Party Theme page.  Or dress as the actors themselves and hide your disappointment if you don’t win.
  • In February 1973, the voting age is dropped from 21 to 18.

Famous February Birthdays

  • 1 February – Clark Gable. Have a “Gone with the Wind” party.
  • 2 February – James Joyce
  • 2 February – Farrah Fawcett – remember Charlie’s Angels?  Have an 1980s Party with lots of big hair.
  • 3 February – Gertrude Stein
  • 4 February – Alice Cooper – get out the makeup!
  • 7 February – Charles Dickens birthday!
  • 10 February – Greg Norman
  • 12 February – Lorne Green. If you’re not old enough to remember it, check out “Bonanza” on youtube and have a Wild West Party.
  • 13 February – Robbie Williams
  • 13 February – Stockard Channing – Rizzo in Grease
  • 15 February – Cesar Romero – Joker in the original tv version of Batman
  • 15 February – Galileo Galilei
  • 18 February – John Travolta – another reason for a Grease party.
  • 20 February – Sidney Poitier
  • 22 February – Steve Irwin – get out the khaki but please don’t bother any live animals.

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