Decorations & Catering Supplies

Decorations, food and games go a long way to set the mood for your party. You can use different things to achieve the desired effect, including lighting, scene setters, posters, plants or you could transform the doorway into a portal to the alternate world of the party.

Tableware & Decorations

  • Edible Blooms have some fabulous chocolate and fruit bouquets for modern and stylish decorations and centrepieces

No more balloons! Let’s face it, balloons are a cliche and are causing harm in the environment and our oceans. It’s time to move on to more imaginative and environmentally sound alternatives.

Games to get the action happening can be part of the decorations.

Ok, so you’ve set the scene and you’re all dressed up, now you have to get people mixing and talking to each other.  Games are an easy way to do this.  They provide reasons to talk and things to say without the fear of rejection.

You can try board-games, trivia games, best/worst costume competitions.