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September Party Ideas

September is the first month of Spring in the southern hemisphere. Days and nights are getting warmer so it could be time for a garden party. But there are plenty of other reasons for a party in September.

  • Fathers Day (first Sunday in September) see Father’s Day party ideas
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  • Wattle Day is 1 September, and 3 September is the anniversary of first raising of the Australian Flag – Look at  Australia Day and Aussie Icons for celebration ideas.
  • Talk Like a Pirate Day is 19 September – and we have a whole page dedicated to Pirate Paaarghties.
  • Have a barbecue for the Prostate Cancer Foundation’s Big Aussie Barbie in September.
  • Mexico’s Independence Day is celebrated annually around September 16. Celebrate with a Fiesta
  • The Heart Foundation’s Doorknock Appeal, its major annual fundraiser, is in September. There are lots of heart-themed products on our Valentine’s Day page. Combine a party with some fundraising (gold coin donation, lucky door prizes).
  • National Walk to Work Day – Raise funds for the Cancer Council and incorporate some healthy walking habits into your day.
  • National Literacy Week is in September – Make it a costume party with favourite book characters and authors.

Famous September Birthdays

Have a party to celebrate the birthdays of these famous people or characters. Like current birthdays, you can have them on the nearest weekend.

  • 1 – Dr Phil – TV pop-psychologist.
  • 1 – Barry Gibb – time for a Bee Gees party
  • 1 – Lily Tomlin – Comedian, writer – of Laugh-in fame for those old enough to remember.
  • 5 – Freddy Mercury – Lead singer of Queen.
  • 5 – Jesse James – The original, an American outlaw of the late 1800s. Commemorate his birthday with a Wild West party.
  • 7 – Buddy Holly – Rock’n’roll at a fifties party or a music party.
  • 8 – Peter Sellers – Comedian famous for The Goon Show and playing Inspector Clouseau in the Pink Panther.
  • 9 – Colonel Sanders – inventor of KFC
  • 13 – Roald Dahl – Author of many children’s classics, including Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, James and the Giant Peach, the Big Friendly Giant, Fantastic Mr Fox, and Matilda. 13 September is also Roald Dahl Day.
  • 15 – Agatha Christie – Host a Mystery Party
  • 21 – H.G. Wells – famous science fiction author.
  • 24 – Jim Henson – creator of the Muppets
  • 26 – Olivia Newton John – Go back to the 1950s with Grease or Olivia’s heyday in the 70s and 80s.
  • 26 – George Gershwin – American composer.

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