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Grease Party Ideas

Grease is the word! Released in 1978 and set in 1958, the teen flick has become a favourite and a classic. There is so much about Grease that makes it a fun movie to watch and a great theme to party to; the fashion, the hair, the decade, the music and the corny lines. Browse the shops below for some party ideas.

Clothing and Costumes

  • Dress as one of the cool T-Birds.
  • Or choose from Rizzo, the leader of the Pink Ladies, flirty Marty, beauty school dropout Frenchie or dorky Jan. During the movie Sandy undergoes a major makeover so you can choose which one you want to be – or even change half way through the party.
  • Choose from the goody two shoes version, the cheerleader or everyone’s favourite, Sandy in the skintight black pants and blonde curls.
  • Danny also wears several outfits, his iconic black leather jacket, tight black jeans, sunglasses and comb, his running outfit or his preppy sweater.
  • There’s also Coach Calhoun, ChaCha, Leo – the leader of the Scorpions and nerdy Eugene.

Grease was set in 1958 so check out our 50s page for ideas. Use scene setters to create a fifties milk bar or sock hop.

Party Ideas

  • Watch the movie and sing-a-long to your favourite songs including, You’re the One that I Want, Hopelessly Devoted to You, Summer Nights and We Go Together.
  • Have a carnival like the one at the end of the film. Play carnival games like bobbing for apples. For more ideas see Carnival and Circus theme.
  • Attempt some 50s dances and watch the dance-off scene for inspiration.

Party Food

  • Fifties food includes soda, milkshakes, fries and hot-dogs.
  • For more ideas, costumes, music and more see our 1950s party ideas page