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1950s Theme Party

The 50s is a decade remembered by many with nostalgia, especially if they weren’t there. The rise of the Teenager, the ‘New Look’ , Rock n Roll, TV and the Beat Generation (Beatniks) are all part of this decade. Think big cars, juke boxes, drive-in theatres, “Happy Days”, “Grease“, Buddy Holly, early Elvis and Cliff Richard.

Others might remember a decade of white picket fences, gingham aprons (Dorothy from Wizard of Oz-style) and the Cold War.

The 50s also brought the introduction of the television and some great movies when stars really were stars – a young Marlon Brando, Marilyn Munro, Jane Russell, Elizabeth Taylor, Tony Curtis, Orson Wells.  You could choose any 50s movie as your theme  – just make sure that all your guests have a chance to watch it first.

50s Themed Music and Entertainment

Set the scene with mucic from Bobby Darin, Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry,  Dean Martin,  Elvis Presley,  Frank Sinatra, Jerry Lee Lewis,  Johnny Cash, Little Richard

50s Party Ideas

The 1950s had plenty of musical, film and cultural icons that make great party themes.

  • Decor – Do up your house as a 50s location like a Milk Bar, Diner, Drive-in or Sock-hop. Decorating your walls with Scene Setters makes this easy. You could also hire a Juke Box with 50s music on it.
  • Themes – Go as a 50s themed TV show or movie, such as Grease, Happy Days or I Love Lucy.
  • Celebrities – Alfred Hitchcock, Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Doris Day, Elizabeth Taylor, Elvis Presley, Grace Kelly, James Dean, John Wayne, Lucile Ball,  Marilyn Monroe, Marlon Brando and Sandra Dee.
  • Activities – Do easy 50s dances like the Twist and Limbo. 50s Trivia.

50s Party Food

Fast food was invented in the 1950s and a whole culture has evolved out of its consumption. Having a fast food theme makes catering easy.

  • Milkshakes and Ice-cream sodas (spiders)
  • ‘Burgers and Fries’
  • Hotdogs

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