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Alphabet Parties – Letter ‘S’

An S party costume could be simple, silly, serious or sexy – which would you prefer?

Foods starting with ‘S’

  • Strawberry
  • Sausages
  • Salads

Dress-ups – Jobs starting with ‘S’

Dressing up as an occupation gives you plenty of scope for creativity and indulging in a little humour. Think about how characters with these occupations have been characterised in films and television. Use accessories and catchphrases to exaggerate their qualities and give plenty of clues. Some occupations beginning with S are…

  • Safety Engineer
  • Sailor
  • Salesperson
  • Schoolteacher
  • Scientist
  • Seamstress
  • Secretary
  • Servant
  • Singer
  • Sleuth
  • Soldier
  • Solicitor
  • Special agent
  • Statistician
  • Stewardess
  • Stripper
  • Stock broker
  • Stunt double
  • Surgeon

‘S’ Decorations

Make your own decorations with A4 sized templates from 0to5.com.au- letter S

Letter - S printable template alt=

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