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Superheroes Party Ideas

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Whether you choose a general superhero party or narrow it down to a specific superhero, these parties provide lots of scope to choose a character (don't forget all the villains and support characters), lots of silliness overacting the part and even some superhero tournaments.

Superheroes Party Costumes

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Superheroes Party Ideas


  • Superhero couples. Many superheroes have love interests – think Superman and Lois Lane or Spiderman and Mary Jane.
  • Villains and heroes. The Green Goblin, Darth Vader, The Joker, Harley Quinn, and Magneto are just a few notorious villains to go up against Spiderman, Anakin Skywalker, Batman, and Wolverine.
  • Superhero masquerade ball. For an elegant twist to the superhero theme.
  • Heroes from space. These include Jedi Knights, Buzz Lightyear and Superman.
  • Superman
  • Batman
  • Star Wars
  • Spiderman


  • Make a Deathstar piñata and use light sabers instead of sticks.
  • Play theme music from superhero movies at intervals throughout the party. You could make your guests do something silly when they hear their character's theme music.
  • Have theme related games like an Indiana Jones Treasure hunt or a Heroes vs. Villains tug-of-war.

Superheroes Food Ideas

Superhero comics and movies are usually eye catching with lots of bright colours. Use food colouring and lollies to make your party food just as colourful.

  • For Green Goblin salad, use plenty of lettuce, spinach, cucumber and beans.
  • Mix soft-drink and ice-cream for spiders.
  • Two-face jelly. Place red and yellow jelly beside each other in a bowl and garnish with a coin to see who gets heads or tails.