Setting the Theme

Cutouts, Mascots and Full-size Figures

Welcome guests at the door with a full-size cutout to reassure them that they are at the right place, set the scene for the party or for party guests to pose for fun photos.


If you go out to party, your choice of venue will influence the entire theme of the party. Here are some ideas… [includeme file=”../comp/fxparties/272110.txt”][includeme file=”../comp/fxparties/277050.txt”] Adelaide [includeme file=”../comp/fxparties/275092.txt”][includeme file=”../comp/fxparties/272100.txt”] Brisbane & Gold Coast [includeme file=”../comp/fxparties/275150.txt”] [includeme file=”../comp/fxparties/275291.txt”] [includeme file=”../comp/fxparties/275296.txt”] [includeme file=”../comp/fxparties/6469.txt”] [includeme file=”../comp/fxparties/275283.txt”] [includeme file=”../comp/fxparties/275284.txt”] [includeme file=”../comp/fxparties/275090.txt”] [includeme file=”../comp/fxparties/271855.txt”] [includeme file=”../comp/fxparties/272095.txt”] Cairns [includeme file=”../comp/fxparties/275161.txt”] Canberra [...]