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Mighty Boosh Party Ideas

There are heaps of characters you can dress up as for a Boosh party, and luckily most of them have something distinctive about them. Some characters are Naboo, Bollo, Dixon Bainbridge, Bob Fossil, The Hitcher, Rudi van DiSarzio, Old Gregg, The Moon, Saboo, The Spirit of Jazz,

  • Vince Noir – Vince is easy. You can basically dress as outrageously as you like and claim it’s what’s ‘in’. Mod, punk, scuba diver, a brain cell, Bollypop lady, a panda, go crazy!
  • Howard Moon – He’s got a powerful look going on, and it’s going to be tough to copy. On the other hand, anything featuring tweed, a fine gauge corduroy, Hawaiian shorts, or all three will go down a treat.
  • Going as a couple – Howard and Vince wear matching costumes sometimes. Zoo costumes from the first series, their desert island attire, or any time they’re on stage together (such as their performance at the end of Old Gregg).

Mighty Boosh Foods

  • A Quarter Of (UK store) – Searching for Vince’s favourite lollies? You’ll find strawberry bootlaces, flying saucers, and more at A Quarter Of. They’re based in the UK, but they have worldwide shipping.
  • Drink red cordial, red wine or what is it?? out of tennis balls cut in half.

Mighty Boosh Games & Activities

  • No Mighty Boosh party is complete without watching at least one episode. You can buy all three series from The ABC Shop Online.
  • Have a karaoke competition featuring classics such as Total Eclipse Of The Heart and Here In My Car.
  • Hold a crimp-off.
  • Spin the bottle.