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Caveman / Flintstones Party

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Feel free to act the Neanderthal at a caveman party! This is a fun theme for guests who don’t mind getting a bit primitive. Browse the shops below for some great ideas for a cavemen party.

Flintstone Characters – Fred, Wilma and Pebbles Flintstone, Barney, Betty and Bamm Bamm Rubble and of course Dino.

Clothing and Costumes

Either dress as one of the Flintstone characters or go as a real caveman/cavewoman with long and messy hair. You can use hair spray or a wig. Clothing should also be tatty or have jagged edges. Wear bone accessories and go barefoot! Smudge some dirt on your cheeks or use make-up. Alternatively you could dress as a bear or a dinosaur.

Party Products

If you can, host the party outdoors and if your area is permitted, have a bonfire. You could also light lanterns.

  • Party Products Australia – over 6000 party items with Based in Brisbane with flat rate shipping Australia wide. They stock a range of dinosaur tableware and decorations. Great for a prehistoric bash!

Party Ideas

If you’re having an outdoors party why not play some games like tug-of-war, have sack races or Fred’s favourite – ten pin bowling?

Party Food

Serve meat to feed the hungry cavemen! Present food as if you have been hunting and gathering! Organise a spit roast (a whole pig always looks impressive) or barbecue a whole fish. Serve bowls of fruit and cook damper in the ground.

Great Wine Deals

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Party Fun & Games

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