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Rocky Horror Party

It’s just a jump to the left…Rocky Horror parties are all about schlocky science fiction, picture shows, double features, and having an old fashioned sing-a-long.

Cast of characters: Brad and Janet, Dr Frank-N-Furter, Magenta, Columbia, Riff Raff, Eddie, Rocky, Dr Scott, and the Narrator.

Rocky Horrow Show Costumes

  • Costume Box – Hundreds of fancy dress costumes and accessories, all in stock. Sydney-based online store with delivery to Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Flat fee delivery within Australia. Use their site search for “rocky” and you’ll find some Riff Raff and Frank N Furter wigs.

Rocky Horror Picture Show Party Ideas

  • You will have to do the Time Warp (again).
  • Watch the movie and perform alongside it or just sing along – great fun for large groups of people.
  • Red lips as decorations or as a cake.
  • Have a Riff Raff to greet all your guests.
  • If you have a smaller group, have a proper sit down dinner. Set out mugs/beer steins to use as wine glasses and have the inappropriate amount of cutlery. It’s up to you whether you serve food using the flinging method.
  • See also our page on 70s party ideas