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Cops & Robbers Party Ideas

There are a few different options for a cops and robbers party theme: think American law enforcement officials, CIA and FBI agents, British bobbies, or sexy cops and robbers. Have a 1970s and 1980s cop show theme (shows include Miami Vice, Magnum PI, or Life on Mars). Or have an Australian-themed cops and robbers party with convicts and Australian bush rangers such as the infamous Ned Kelly.

Cops & Robbers Party Products

Decorate in police colours – blue and white. Convict colours include white and black or orange and black. Simulate the flashing lights of a cop car with strobes and party lights.

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Cops & Robbers Party Ideas

  • Send out summons / citations / notices to appear as invitations.
  • Brand all of your guests with an identification stamp upon entry.
  • Make your own “Wanted” posters using photos of your guests.
  • Write up a list of silly “laws” that guests have to follow throughout the night.
  • For more decade-specific costume, party, and decorations ideas for your cops and robbers party see our –