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Toga Parties

Toga parties are a popular ritual among uni students, usually during Orientation “O” Week celebrations. Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans wore togas during ancient times, so for more party and costume ideas visit our Egyptian and Roman Empire party pages.

Toga Party Costumes

You can make your own toga costume with a bedsheet and a pair of sandals or glam it up with some of these more exotic toga costumes.

Complete your toga with accessories such as sandals, leaves in your hair, gold bangles, dark eye makeup, a sword, and gold body paint. Remember to wear something under your toga!

Toga Party Decorations

Use a colour theme of red, white, and gold. Decorate with vine leaves and candles to complete the ancient look.

Toga Party Ideas

Toga parties are known for their wild games. Award prizes to the winners.

  • Bob for apples or grapes. Fill a large bowl with water or punch and have guests bob for fruit. Whoever gets the most fruit in a specific time wins!
  • How low can you go? Play a game of limbo, all you need is a stick and someone to hold it.
  • Have a competition for the best male and female togas.

For more ideas see Egyptian parties and Roman Empire parties.