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Pink Parties

Have a pink party for someone who loves pink, or for events like breast cancer fundraisers. Pink Ribbon is the Cancer Council’s fundraiser for breast cancer research – have a pink party to raise funds for breast cancer.

Pink Costumes

Pink costumes include fairies, princesses, flamingos, the Pink Panther, butterflies, bunnies, the pink Power Ranger, and pink poodles.

Pink food ideas

  • Drink strawberry milk, pink lemonade, or pink champagne.
  • Add a bit of beetroot to hummus dip to turn it pink.
  • Make a potato salad with pink-skinned potato varieties like desiree or pontiac.
  • Eat pink marshmallows, pink fairyfloss, or turkish delight.
  • Scones with strawberry jam and whipped cream with a drop of pink food colouring.
  • For pink fruit salad, chop up a selection of pink fruit and mix in a bowl with a bit of fruit juice to prevent browning. Pink fruits include watermelon, strawberries, pink grapefruit
  • Have pink jelly or strawberry icecream – serve with a pink wafer!
  • Pink lamingtons and pink coconut ice.
  • Garnish dishes with pink edible flowers.
  • Pink birthday cake – try our butter cake recipe but add a bit of pink food colouring to the cake batter and cover with pink icing — delicious and pink.  Decorate the cake with small pink marshmallows, pink dragees, or pink dyed desiccated coconut – do this while the icing is still moist so it sticks.

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