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Yellow Party Ideas

Yellow is a warm and cheerful colour for a party

  • Sing along, or have competitions to see how many songs you know with “Yellow” in the title. Here are just a few to start with… Yellow Submarine, Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree, Mellow Yellow, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road…
  • See who can think of the most yellow flowers
  • Make everyone dress up in a yellow costume

Yellow Costumes

Yellow costumes include yellow zoot suits, bumble bees, Charlie Brown, the Bride from Kill Bill, the Simpson, rubber duckies, chicks, the yellow Wiggle, fire fighters, princesses, clowns, dancers, and more.

Yellow food ideas

  • For yellow fruit salad, chop up a selection of yellow fruit and mix in a bowl with a bit of fruit juice to prevent browning. Yellow fruits include bananas, apricots, pawpaw, mango, peaches, starfruit, lychees, and pineapple.
  • Yellow jelly: buy a packet of jelly crystals, or for a fruitier version use yellow fruit juice (try pineapple juice) and unflavoured gelatin — the packet usually has instructions.
  • Bananas wrapped in foil and baked or cooked on the barbecue will become very sweet.  The skin will turn black but the fruit inside will be yellow.  Serve with custard!
  • Yellow birthday cake – try our butter cake recipe with lemon icing — delicious and yellow.
  • Yellow vegetables include corn, squash, yellow zucchini, yellow capsicum/peppers, yellow tomatoes.
  • Rice cooked with saffron or turmeric becomes a rich yellow or golden colour.  These spices can also be added to curries.
  • Yellow drinks include natural lemonade and pineapple juice.  Yellow alcohol drinks and liqueurs for cocktails include Chartreuse and Galliano.

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