Alphabet Themes

 Alphabet Parties – Letter ‘Q’

Lots of Queens but what about the Queenslanders? Is that a good idea? Light up your life with an L party. Dress as something beginning with L, Bring something beginning with L, or have food beginning with L Queens of all kinds Queen – Medieval and Renaissance or Egyptian Party Queen of Hearts – Mad [...]

Alphabet Parties – Letter ‘A’

Light up your life with an A party. Dress as something beginning with A, Bring something beginning with A, or have food beginning with A So your friends Alice and Albert are throwing an ‘A’ theme party to justify their purchase of an aardvark costume five years ago. They’re ready for the party, but what [...]

Alphabet Parties – Letter ‘G’

G has a lot of options but if you get stuck, just put “good” or “great” in front of lots of other things. Here are some starters…

Alphabet Parties – Letter ‘N’

Novel ideas for nice or naughty parties. Napoleon NASA Naturalist / Nudist Ned Kelly – Aussie Icons Party Nefertiti – Egyptian Party Neil Armstrong – Outer Space Neon – dazzle yourselves Nerd – dress up and engage in nerdy activities Newton Ninja Ninja Turtle Nurse – Doctors, Nurses and Patients Party Nun See costumes starting [...]

Alphabet Parties – Letter ‘O’

Online, offline, over and out. Try some of these o themes. Obama Obi-Wan Kenobi – Star Wars Party Octopus Ogre Olive Oyl (and Popeye} Olympian Opera Oprah Optimus Prime Orange – Orange Party Themes and Decorations Orangutan – Jungle & Safari Orc Oreo Oriental – Oriental Party Oscar (Award) – Hollywood Party Oscar (The Grouch) [...]

Alphabet Parties – Letter ‘P’

Party play time! Try some of these P themes. Panda – Jungle & Safari Padmé Amidala – Star Wars Party Parking Inspector Patchwork – patchwork clothing, patchwork tableclothes, rugs… Patient – Doctors and Nurses Party Pavarotti Paul McCartney – Beatles Party Peace – 1960s and Hippies Penguin – go black and white and walk like [...]

Alphabet Parties – Letter ‘S’

An S party costume could be simple, silly, serious or sexy – which would you prefer? Samantha Jones – Sex and the City Party Samurai – Oriental Party Sandy Olsson (Olivia Newton John) – Grease Party Santa – Christmas Party Sarah Palin Scarecrow Scientist School Student or Teacher – Back to School Party Scotsman Scuba Diver [...]

Alphabet Parties – Letter ‘T’

T – Tricky! Dress as something beginning with T, Bring something beginning with T, or have food or drink beginning with T (including the obvious!) Taco – Spanish Fiesta Tarzan – Jungle & Safari Teddy Bear – bring one, dress up as one, tell stories about your favourite Telephone Television Tennis Player Tin Man – [...]

Alphabet Parties – Letter ‘U’

Underneath the arches… Ugly – have an ugly dress competition Umbrella Undead Uncle Sam Uncle anyone else. Underwear – wear it on the outside if you’re not brave enough for just the underwear Unidentified Flying Object Union Jack Unisex party – can your guests manage to dress up so nobody can tell… Upside-down party Usher [...]

Alphabet Parties – Letter ‘V’

Here are some ideas to get you started. Follow the links to related themes. Vagrant Vampire – Vampires Venice and all things Venetian Venus, Goddess of Love – Roman Parties Venus Williams Velma Dinkley (from Scooby Doo) Vera Lynn Video Game Characters Vikings Vince Noir – Mighty Boosh Party Vincent van Gogh Vixen Vladimir Putin [...]

Alphabet Parties – Letter ‘W’

Will the wicked wizard wear wellington boots to the party? Wally (Where’s Wally) You could dress up as lots of Wallies. ;-) Warwick Capper Wellington Boots – wear anything you like above as long as you wear the boots. Wench – for a girl’s night or a hen’s party Werewolf Wicked Witch of the West [...]

Alphabet Parties – Letter ‘X’

If your name’s Xavier, and you have more than four friends, maybe you should use your surname to choose the party theme. X – Axis Xbox Xerxes Xena Warrior Princes X-men X-Ray Xylophone XXXX (Brisbane beer) More ‘X’ X marks the spot – treasure hunts. X – no longer.  Celebrate the things you have left [...]

Alphabet Parties – Letter ‘Y’

Yellow yowies yodelling? Alphabet parties are all the rage these days. People have parties based on the first letter of their name (e.g. Alice will have an ‘A’ theme party and Orville, an ‘O’ theme party). If your name’s Xavier, and you have more than four friends, use your surname. Yellow – have a party [...]

Alphabet Parties – Letter ‘Z’

Suggestions for parties and costumes starting with Z.  It’s a hard one – how many can you think of? Until now – when it’s Z for ZOOM parties. With a ZOOM party, you can still have a theme and dress up – or you can play mystery object. Here are some ideas for Z characters [...]

Alphabet Parties – Letter ‘R’

Round the rugged rock… time to roll your “R”s at a parrrrrty. R2-D2 – Star Wars Party Rabbi Racing Driver Radar Dish Rastafarian Red Neck Red Riding Hood – Fairytale Party Referee – Sports Ringo Starr – Beatles Party Robin (from Batman) Robin Hood Robot – show off your robot toys Rock Star Rocky – [...]