General Party Themes

“So not me” Party

We all have our familiar roles and styles and after a while it can get just a little bit safe and boring. Worse still we stop seeing each other as complex and interesting characters. Use a so-not-me party for you and your friends to break out and experiment with a persona that is just not [...]

Alternatives to Balloons

We’ve grown up with the idea that balloons mean party time. But maybe now is the time to update our ideas about parties as we hear the horror stories of the damage and death they can to our oceans and the creatures that live in them. Let’s face it, balloons are a cliche and are [...]

Aussie Icons Parties

These are an alternative to the usual Australia Day flag-waving parties, but also good for any time of the year. Here are some Aussie Icon ideas but once you start thinking about them, there are lots more. Don’t forget to practice the voices and cliched lines. Australian TV / Comedy Characters Dame Edna is the [...]

Back to School Party

This theme is great for school reunions and for those that want to relive their teenage years. Costumes Have fun with this theme and dress up. Think preps, jocks, nerds, cheerleaders, teachers, and goths. Costume Box – Check out these school costumes. Costume Box are based in Sydney with flat rate Express Post Delivery throughout [...]

Bad Taste Party

This party is an ode to the tacky and the cheesy. Whether dancing the Hustle, wearing huge jewellery and animal print or consuming jelly shots, the fun of this party comes from the ‘wrong-ness’ of it. Below are some tips and suggestions for holding a Bad Taste party, all in the very worst of taste. [...]

Cape Dressup Theme Parties

There’s something special about capes. They can give you a comfort like a cosy blanket, yet at the same time tempt to you swirl and flourish. You realise this simple party theme has a lot of scope when you start thinking about all the different sorts of characters who wear capes – from Little Red [...]

Casino Theme Party

Casino and poker games are a great adult theme party. Host an intimate get-together for a simple poker night with drinks and nibblies. Or go to town with a Vegas style casino night with flamboyant costumes, cocktails, and decorations. Casino Outfits and Costumes Poker players usually dress formally in suits and ties. You could also [...]

Caveman / Flintstones Party

Feel free to act the Neanderthal at a caveman party! This is a fun theme for guests who don’t mind getting a bit primitive. Browse the shops below for some great ideas for a cavemen party. Flintstone Characters – Fred, Wilma and Pebbles Flintstone, Barney, Betty and Bamm Bamm Rubble and of course Dino. Clothing [...]

Chess Party

Chess – hold a chess party where you play chess, and even dress as a chess piece. Are you a king, queen, knight, pawn or something else? Black or white? You can play with standard size chess sets, or giant sets, or dress up your characters and play on a giant board. Chess Games and [...]

Circus and Carnival Theme

Roll up, roll up for the party of the year! A visit to the circus or carnival always includes lots of fun, entertainment, bright colours, food, music and prizes. What better theme for a party! A circus/carnival theme would be best suited to an outdoors venue where your guests are free to try their hand [...]

Cocktail Parties

From the heyday of the Rat Pack to the modern resurgence, cocktail parties have always been (at least in theory) a great way for adults to mingle. Apart from being great fun, cocktail parties are suitable for almost any occasion, from social gatherings to work functions. They can be elegant or simple, depending on the [...]

Cops & Robbers Party Ideas

There are a few different options for a cops and robbers party theme: think American law enforcement officials, CIA and FBI agents, British bobbies, or sexy cops and robbers. Have a 1970s and 1980s cop show theme (shows include Miami Vice, Magnum PI, or Life on Mars). Or have an Australian-themed cops and robbers party [...]

Doctors, Nurses & Patients Party

A great theme for someone who is graduating from a medical degree, for someone who loves medical shows such as E.R, Scrubs or Grey’s Anatomy or just for the fun of it! Ask your guests to dress as doctors, nurses or patients. You can easily have bandages on hand for people without a costume. Doctors, [...]

Egyptian Parties

(you could combine this with an Indiana Jones party) Egyptian parties revolve around a desert environment and the Kings and Queens of the Egyptian world – Cleopatra, King Tutankhamen (King Tut), and Queen Nefertiti. Pairings – Nefertiti and Akhenaten, Tutankhamun and his (possible) stepmother Nefertiti, Cleopatra and Julius Caesar. Egyptian Costumes is based in [...]

Fairytale Party Theme Ideas

Once upon a time… Older fairy stories, many penned by the Brothers Grimm, were written for adults as well as children. They were a little more sinister than the polished Disney versions. Reclaim the fairytale theme and transform your party into an enchanting event. As many characters are princesses or princes, fairytales make an elegant [...]

Ghost Parties

Ghost parties can include humourous ghosts, schlocky ghosts (think b-films of yesteryear), friendly or not-so-friendly ghosts from childhood stories, stylish and sophisticated dinner party ghosts, or full-on horror ghosts. These parties are flexible enough for you to throw a dedicated ghost party or you could combine our party suggestions below into a Halloween / Friday [...]

Hawaiian Party

Hawaiian parties provide a relaxed and festive atmosphere. Grass skirts, leis, drinking out of coconuts – great for poolside of garden parties, on the beach or in a park. Hawaiian &Tropical Decorations & Catering Colours go a long way to creating a certain atmosphere. As well as Hawaiian or tropical themed decorations, you could get [...]

Hens Party and Girls Night Out

Celebration or last Hurrah! So you’re in charge of organising the Hen’s party and you have no idea what you’re going to do. Here are a few different ideas – some classy, some quirky but hopefully all fun. Cool Things – get lots of fun and laughs with these cool gadgets, gizmos & gifts for [...]

Jungle & Safari Party Theme Ideas

A jungle and safari theme is the perfect excuse to go wild and party like an animal! Make some jungle juice punch, play some tribal music with lots of drumming and get your guests into some tribal dancing! Set the scene for your party with jungle animal and bird costumes and decorations, check out the [...]

Masquerade Balls & Parties

Masquerade balls are about sophisticated style and, of course, the mask – whether it be a full face mask elaborately adorned with feathers, sequins, and ribbons or a classically understated half mask. Have some fun with trying to guess who is behind each mask. Masquerade Ball Party Costumes Costume Box – Thousands of fancy dress [...]

Medieval and Renaissance Parties

Medieval and renaissance parties can focus on the sophistication of the castle setting or the rowdiness of the tavern and the cast of characters can range from Kings and Queens, Lords and Ladies, Princes and Princesses to knights, court jesters, and tavern wenches. Medieval re-enactment fairs are held in Australian each year. Activities include jousting, [...]

Music Theme Party Ideas

Music is a theme that suits all genders and all ages. The different styles of music makes it diverse enough to appeal to nearly everyone, and it can be incorporated into other themes. Browse down the page for food and party game ideas. Music-Themed Clothing and Costumes is based in Melbourne and delivers costumes [...]

Mystery & Whodunit Theme Parties

This can be simply a themed costume party, or involve a variety of games. The classic mystery party game has guests cast in various roles and competing to sniff out the culprit in their midst. The “crime” is often murder, but it could be something as simple – and dastardly – as eating the last [...]

Office Parties

Organise an office morning tea or luncheon celebration and inject a bit of fun in the working day! How to Make an Office Party Calendar Organise a birthdays list so no one gets forgotten. If you don’t have a designated person who is responsible for organising parties, make a party roster. Once you have an [...]

Oriental Parties

Hosting an Oriental Party gives you the opportunity to express your favourite aspect of Asian culture. Whether it’s the fashion, the food, the movies or karaoke, this theme can be a lot of fun. Chinese New Year Chinese New Year falls somewhere between January 21st and February 20th each year. 2016 – the year of [...]

Outer Space Party Ideas

20 July (AU time) is the anniversary of the first moon landing. Party Supplies and Decorations Make stars, planets and moons from cardboard, foil, styrofoam balls and glow-in-the dark paint and hang them on the walls and ceiling. Or get some ready-made glow-in-the-dark stars. Use a black light bulb to for bring out the glow. [...]

Pirate Party Ideas

Young and old alike enjoy the pirate theme. Talk Like a Pirate Day is on September 19 every year, just one of many excuses for a pirate party. Check out the following pirate party ideas and online shops for inspiration for pirate gifts and swashbuckling parties. It goes without saying that everyone must talk like [...]

Retro Games Theme Parties

Remember Pac-man? Tetris? Space Invaders? Indulge in a little nostalgia with a retro-themed party. Choose one game or any for the theme. Retro Games Party Ideas Cool Things based in Launceston, Tasmania and deliver Australia wide and internationally is the place to go if you love gadgets. They have windup pac man and space invaders [...]

Roman Empire Parties

A Roman Empire party can be as lavish (Roman banquet) or as easy (toga party) as you like and can feature the leaders of the Roman military (Marc Antony, Julius Caesar), gladiators and soldiers, and Roman gods and goddesses. Pairings – Cleopatra and Marc Antony, Cleopatra and Julius Caesar Roman Empire Costumes is based [...]

Saturday Night Fever Party Ideas

The film was released in 1977 and stars a young Travolta. By night he is the king of the local disco, 2001 Odyssey. Have fun with this theme! Play some 70s disco, practice your jives and boogies, wear some flares and sparkly 70s costumes and decorate with disco balls and lights. Another film from the [...]

Second Childhood Party Ideas

This themed party is a chance to indulge in nostalgia by playing party games and eating the ‘food’ we loved as children. This party also provides a valid excuse to act like a child (at least for a few hours) and to celebrate growing older, but not wiser. This party theme is recommended for adults [...]

Spanish & Mexican Parties and Fiestas

Goodbye Australia, hola España! You might choose to have a fiesta for a number of reasons. Perhaps it’s the 5th of May and you want to celebrate the Mexican Army’s victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla (“Cinco de mayo”). Or, perhaps.. not? Whatever your reasons, there are four things you need to [...]

Spooky & Ghost Party Ideas

The spooky theme is great fun for adults as well as children. This theme is not just for Halloween, it can be used for Friday 13th parties or any time you feel like being spooky. Browse down the page for food and party game ideas. Halloween Clothing and Costumes Some costume ideas include vampires, witches, [...]

Sports Theme Party

Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi! For those who love playing sport, get a large group together and get active with a games party in the park. And for everyone who loves watching sport, have a sports themed party to cheer on your favourite team in the State of Origin, the cricket or the football. [...]


Science fiction meets steam! You’ve got lots of settings to choose from – from historical with British Victorian or American “Wild West” to an imagined future dystopia – or utopia depending on your point of view – which steam power has returned.

Superheroes Party Ideas

Whether you choose a general superhero party or narrow it down to a specific superhero, these parties provide lots of scope to choose a character (don’t forget all the villains and support characters), lots of silliness overacting the part and even some superhero tournaments. Superheroes Party Costumes is based in Melbourne and delivers costumes [...]

Technology & Gadget Party

Technology & Gadget Party There are lots of different ways to do this party theme. Here are a few suggestions: Gadget Party – everyone can bring along their favourite gadgets, have a swap table, prizes for best gadget, worst gadget, most useful, most useless, guess what it does gadget… Inventors party – everyone has to [...]

Toga Parties

Toga parties are a popular ritual among uni students, usually during Orientation “O” Week celebrations. Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans wore togas during ancient times, so for more party and costume ideas visit our Egyptian and Roman Empire party pages. Toga Party Costumes You can make your own toga costume with a bedsheet and a pair [...]

Vampire Party Ideas

Have a vampire themed party for Halloween or for someone who is a fan of vampire films and characters. Popular characters include: Buffy, Spike, Angel and Drusilla. Bella and Edward from Twilight Dracula, Van Helsing and Mina Lestat from Interview with a Vampire Blade Akasha from Queen of the Damned Vampire Party Supplies Keep decorations [...]

White Parties

You can go for all white decorations for your party – or combine to have a dramatic black and white, red and white or blue and white party – or have a toga party. White Party Supplies Costumebox – originally a costume store now has an extensive party shop with decorations, tableware, party invitations, balloons, cake [...]

Wig & Bad Hair Day Parties

This is a great theme for people who don’t usually like to dress up as it’s an easier alternative. Host a silly theme and have fun laughing with guests over afros and mullets. Or throw a glamorous get-together with sleek 20s bobs, Hollywood style curls and slick Elvis wigs. Either way it’s all about the [...]

Wild West Party Ideas

Strong, silent types, gunslingers and bandits, cowboys and cowgirls, Native American Indians, prospectors, entrepreneurs, and saloon girls – the Wild West was full of colourful characters that can help inspire your Wild West theme. Wild West Party Costumes is based in Melbourne and delivers costumes and accessories (including shoes, hats, wigs, party supplies and [...]

Zombie Clothing and Costumes

The most important part of a zombie costume is the makeup – generally white face / arms with red blood, scars, sores, and general decay. The costumes themselves can be highly creative (zombie bride and groom / zombie explorer), highly creepy and decaying (see the products below), or simple modifications to regular clothing – whatever [...]