General Party Themes

Alternatives to Balloons

We’ve grown up with the idea that balloons mean party time. But maybe now is the time to reinvent our ideas about parties as we hear the horror stories of the damage and death they can to our oceans and the creatures that live in them. Let’s face it, balloons are a cliche and are [...]

Chess Party

Chess – hold a chess party where you play chess, and even dress as a chess piece. Are you a king, queen, knight, pawn or something else? Black or white? You can play with standard size chess sets, or giant sets, or dress up your characters and play on a giant board. Chess Games and [...]

Bucks Party and Boys Night Out

Bucks nights should be planned carefully to ensure that the groom will be safe and in good condition on his wedding day. You can have anything from a quiet night together to something outrageous and memorable… Here are a few different ideas – some classy, some quirky but hopefully all fun. Party Products Australia – [...]


Science fiction meets steam! You’ve got lots of settings to choose from – from historical with British Victorian or American “Wild West” to an imagined future dystopia – or utopia depending on your point of view – which steam power has returned.

“So not me” Party

We all have our familiar roles and styles and after a while it can get just a little bit safe and boring. Worse still we stop seeing each other as complex and interesting characters. Use a so-not-me party for you and your friends to break out and experiment with a persona that is just not [...]

Adult’s Party Games

Whether it’s a big party with friends and family or a small celebration with best friends, lover or partner, games help get people mixing and talking to each other. Board game parties are popular and you can have a selection of games so if there are a lot of people, they can choose their group [...]

Technology & Gadget Party

Technology & Gadget Party There are lots of different ways to do this party theme. Here are a few suggestions: Gadget Party – everyone can bring along their favourite gadgets, have a swap table, prizes for best gadget, worst gadget, most useful, most useless, guess what it does gadget… Inventors party – everyone has to [...]

Back to School Party

This theme is great for school reunions and for those that want to relive their teenage years. Costumes Have fun with this theme and dress up. Think preps, jocks, nerds, cheerleaders, teachers, and goths. Costume Box – Check out these school costumes. Costume Box are based in Sydney with flat rate Express Post Delivery throughout [...]

Second Childhood Party Ideas

This themed party is a chance to indulge in nostalgia by playing party games and eating the ‘food’ we loved as children. This party also provides a valid excuse to act like a child (at least for a few hours) and to celebrate growing older, but not wiser. This party theme is recommended for adults [...]

Bad Taste Party

This party is an ode to the tacky and the cheesy. Whether dancing the Hustle, wearing huge jewellery and animal print or consuming jelly shots, the fun of this party comes from the ‘wrong-ness’ of it. Below are some tips and suggestions for holding a Bad Taste party, all in the very worst of taste. [...]